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With Prodigy you can complete your entire recertification from one convenient online platform. Including LIVE and distributive training. $225 gets you access to all LIVE and distributive content needed to complete your recertification. 

  • Engaging class content 
  • Real patient videos
  • Simple tracking 

We built Prodigy because we were not satisfied with what was on the market. EMS is progressing and innovating but recertification training wasn't. Prodigy is built for today's EMS providers that demand more from their training. 


James DiClemente


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Discover why so many are turning to Prodigy

Innovative Tracking

Recertifications model have become more flexible and allow you to choose your path to recertification and Prodigy is built with that same flexibility with a simple tracking model.

Live Classes

Prodigy offers Live classes through a Virtual Instructor Led Training model. This allows you to complete your Live requirements in a convenient online platform. 

Engaging Content

Prodigy classes are designed to educate and engage, not simply check-the-box. We use a multi-cam style and include simulations, case studies, patient videos, and more to enhance learning.

Real Patient Videos

Through a partnership with ReelDX, Prodigy includes videos of real patient encounters captured by working EMS professionals in the field. 

CAPCE Accredited

All Prodigy classes are CAPCE accredited. We utilize F3 (distributive) and F5 (Virtual Instructor Led) to ensure that you can recertify easily using Prodigy. 

One Low Cost

You pay one price for the entire catalog of classes which covers both live and distributive training. Complete your entire recertification for $225.
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