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About Bounty

Prodigy EMS continues in our tradition of offering the best educational content for EMS practitioners. We want to work with you! Listed below are the topics we are currently prioritizing. If you have other great content, feel free to submit it using “other.”  Please limit your submissions to 5 total. 

To submit, fill out the form below.  Provide a short video showcasing your presenter skills; this can include you presenting on the actual topic, or be a video clip of a past virtual event.

Don't worry about fancy production: we want to evaluate your ability to present online. If your presentation is selected, we will send you AV equipment and our production staff will work with you to make your presentation the best it can be. 

We will pay $1000 per hour of content.  You deserve it.

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Current Class Needs

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This list includes classes that we are actively looking to add or replace in our catalog. As these classes are created, we will add new ones to the list. Check back frequently to see our current class needs.


1-hour class that covers the NCCR requirements for the capnography section.

Possible Learning Objectives: 

  • Assess the difference between ventilation and oxygenation.
  • Interpret blood oxygenation levels using pulse oximetry and capnography.
  • Discuss how ETCO₂ measures ventilation and perfusion.
  • Confirm the phases of the ETCO₂ waveform of a capnography.
  • Analyze an ETCO₂ reading.
  • Assess and monitor proper endotracheal tube placement using capnography.
  • Determine and monitor effective ventilation.
  • Determine and monitor effective perfusion.
At-Risk Populations

1-hour class that covers the NCCR requirements for the At-Risk Populations section.

Possible Learning Objectives: 

  • Determine training resources for special populations such as victims of human trafficking, domestic violence.
  • Recognize the unique characteristics of at-risk populations.
  • Determine the appropriate actions of EMS professionals in the presence of at-risk patients.
  • Recognize circumstances that may indicate abuse, such as domestic violence, human trafficking, non-accidental trauma.
  • State appropriate actions of EMS professionals in the presence of abused patients.

1-hour class that covers the NCCR requirements for the oxygenation section.

Possible Learning Objectives: 

  • Analyze physiology related to oxygen transport and metabolism.
  • Identify the AHA’s guidelines on oxygen therapy in post-cardiac arrest, acute coronary syndrome, and stroke patients.
  • Discuss the role of free radicals related to oxygen therapy.
Central Nervous System Injuries

1-hour class that covers the NCCR requirements for the Central Nervous System Injuries section.

Possible Learning Objectives: 

  • Identify the signs and symptoms of a patient with a traumatic brain injury (TBI).
  • Differentiate between the various levels of a TBI.
  • Explain the use of ETCO₂ readings as a guide for ventilating head injury patients.
  • Discuss the current research and practices for the use of selective spinal immobilization.
Texas Jurisprudence

Class and exam that meet the requirements for Texas providers. 

Critical Care Topics

We are looking for presentations that would fall under the broad category of critical care. These can be individual classes as well as complete programs. Consider topics such as mechanical ventilation, circulatory support, ECMO, etc.


Topics can include general use and interpretation, training programs, specific uses such as IV access or cardiac arrest, etc.


Although we are prioritizing presentations for the above topics, we are happy to consider other topics.

Submit a Presentation

Frequently Asked Questions

What topics can I submit?

See above for the list of topics that we are currently prioritizing.  If you have other great content, please feel free to submit it under “other.”

If I’m chosen, when will I be paid for my work?

You will be paid $1000 after the presentation is recorded with our production team.

How does the recording process work?

We will schedule a recording time with you,  send out a camera and microphone if needed, and help you with the setup and recording.

What happens to my presentation once it’s recorded?

Your presentation will be posted on the Prodigy EMS learning management system. It will be available in our catalog for individual purchase and in our bundles for current subscribers.

When will submitters be notified of the decision?

Since these presentations are not for a one-time event, we will be accepting them on a rolling basis.

Who can submit?

Anyone with expertise: EMS practitioners, critical care practitioners, physicians, dispatchers, RNs, PAs, NPs, etc.  Want to help an up-and-coming speaker? Feel free to suggest that they submit to the Bounty program!